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LG wants to take your electric vehicle to the next level and make it as wild as possible.

While artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to be the highlight of CES 2024, car technology and innovations around it will likely dominate the show. There will be an abundance of electric vehicles (EVs) and combinations of seemingly disparate technologies such as electric vehicles, in-vehicle augmented reality (AR) systems, and more.

EVs will also be transitioning from purely electric mobility platforms (EVs) to Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs). SDVs are cars that are more like laptops or smartphones than the traditional gas-powered cars. An SDV can be updated over the air and change the driving experience dramatically. Technologies that capitalize on this fungibility will be at the forefront of CES 2024.

For instance, LG Display, a display supplier for a number of screen-based tech manufacturers including Samsung and LG Electronics, recently announced its latest in-vehicle in-dash display systems, all focused on SDVs. I caught a sneak peek at some of these P-OLED in-vehicle displays last year, but this year’s CES marks a milestone for in-car in-vehicle technology.

The flexible displays are larger than ever before, and LG Display has a few more visual surprises up its sleeve.

At CES 2024, scheduled for January 9-12, 2024 in Las Vegas, NV, LG Display will present a selection of lightweight, flexible displays that will be housed in large, over-the-ear, slideaway rear-seat screens, and full-dash covers that can display car statistics on one side of the dash and entertainment on the passenger’s side.

P-OLED displays will cover curved surfaces such as the dash. This means OLED screens on flexible plastic substrates. Others will rely on LG Display’s Thin OLED technology (although there may also be some traditional LCD displays).

The OLED-based technology should work particularly well in cars because of its darker blacks (high contrast) and brighter colors. All of this should help the displays withstand stronger outdoor sunlight.

My first question would be, how do you screen the latest Batman movie from the passenger side without disturbing the driver?

LG Display’s latest update, “switchable privacy Mode” (SPM), makes it so that the driver doesn’t see the distracting images from the passenger’s side. LG Display describes it as “diverting away” from the driver’s side, but I’m not sure what that means. Maybe they’re using some kind of lenticular technology. We’ll know more about what LG Display uses here when we experience it in person.

In addition to all these panel-covering screens, LG Display will also showcase slide-away and in-car foldable in-vehicle screen technologies. Most in-vehicle screens are expected to be touch-capable.

One of the big advantages of combining SDVs with all the screen real estate available is that there’s no need to set a definitive definition of what each screen does. If a manufacturer wraps the interior of its latest EV in screens across every inch of the vehicle’s body, they’ll always be able to change the purpose of each screen with a software update.


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